Poster Storage

Storing your posters may not be as easy as it seems, especially if you have a range of sizes; from lobby cards to linen backed 6-sheets. There are several things that you need to bear in mind when considering poster storage. Namely ambient conditions, flat and rolled storage, linen backing and framing.

Ambient Conditions

The room(s) in which you store your posters should be suitable for the task in terms of following:

If you live in Britain like I do then the first two items on this list aren't too much of a concern, unless the room is the garage or the cellar. However if you live somewhere slightly more interesting weather wise then this needs to be taken into account. Excessive temperature and humidity can accelerate any deterioration in the paper material. Whilst it's not exactly necessary to buy a humidity and temperature gauge for your room, you should avoid anywhere that is particularly damp or warm.

Light is something that's easier to control. The main thing to avoid is direct exposure to sunlight or any other bright light source. These not only tend to fade the colours on your poster, but also stimulate the breakdown of the paper material. If you are displaying any framed posters for example, be careful to watch how the sun shines in through the window. Sounds stupidly obvious, but worth remembering before you drill a hole in the wall. UV-safe glass, used for conservation framing, adds extra protection but it's still not recommended that you place any poster in direct sunlight, especially during summer.

Flat & Rolled storage

Assuming you're not framing all your posters, then finding a safe way to store flat and rolled paper stock is important. The general rule is that flat storage is best. Small items such as lobby cards or half-sheets are obviously easy to store flat. But folded and linen-backed posters need a bit more thought. Here are a few tips for the most common formats.

Linen Backing

Linen backing is a process that not only helps to preserve a poster, but also makes it look more presentable and makes it much easier to handle and frame. It essentially involves de-acidification of the poster followed by mounting on either linen or paper. The process, if done correctly, is entirely reversible, thus making it an ideal way to preserve your collection.

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The Wild Bunch - UK Quad linen-backed


A great frame will make a poster really stand out in a room. While it's easy to go out and buy a cheap clip frame, it's well worth investing in quality framing. Not only will it help to preserve your poster but it'll really enhance its image if chosen correctly.

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