Poster dealers and auction houses

Below is a list of poster dealers and auction houses, most of which I have bought from or dealt with in the past and can heartily recommend as good places to search for that next poster purchase.

Movie Poster Retailers

CineArt Gallery (London, UK)

– The original shop that started me collecting movie posters. They have an enormous number of posters in stock and specialise in anything James Bond. If you’re ever in London I certainly recommend that you pop in for a chat. Just don’t blame me if you end up maxing out your credit card in there.

Reel Poster Gallery (London, UK)

- Another London based gallery. Bruce Marchant and Tony Nourmand (who established the gallery back in 1991) not only have a great selection of posters for sale but have also produced a superb series of books which contain the best poster art of the past 70 years of cinema. SeeUseful Reading for more details.

Quadbod (UK)

- Terry & Sue are specialised dealers of pre-1990 UK Quads. Always friendly to talk to and can be found at memorabilia fairs up and down the country.

Quadbod (UK)

Motion Picture Arts Gallery

- Formerly based in New York, now in New Jersey, MPAG is one of the best suppliers of vintage movie posters in the USA.

- Another excellent website with a massive stock of original film posters. Well worth checking out.

- Excellent website of Netherlands based collector Loek Brobbel. Has a large international range of posters. Well worth a look.

- Italian based dealer with a great website specialising in Italian movie posters.


- David Lieberman is a US dealer with a huge number of posters for sale. Also regularly sells on Ebay. Be sure to check this one out!

Cinema Shop

- Excellent website based in Germany that sells a wide variety of original movie posters from around the world.

Movie Posters Direct (UK)

- Premier On-Line store for Movie Posters, Film Cells and Movie Memorabilia

Internet Auction Sites


- Obvious I know! But it’s still probably the best place to look for any kind of movie poster (or anything else for that matter).

Heritage Movie Posters
Heritage Movie Posters

- Now with a dedicated web site, Heritage Movie Posters holds regular monthly auctions (soon to become weekly) along with larger Signature auctions which are usually held twice a year. A great place to look for any kind of poster.


- Bruce Hershenson, the owner of eMovieposter actually sells his posters on Ebay, but since he sells so many posters every year, he deserves a mention of his own! I’m sure every collector has bought something from Bruce at some time, and there’s a good reason why. Quite simply eMovieposter has developed a reputation that has yet to be surpassed on Ebay. If you buy from Bruce you’ll know that you’ll be getting not only a quality item but also with the best service around. Well worth bookmarking this site.

Auction Houses

The big three are listed below, but since film memorabilia is only a small part of what they deal with you’ll have to check each site regularly for sale announcements. Posters will usually be categorised as “Popular Entertainment” or “Entertainment Memorablia”




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