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Below are links to a few websites that provide more information on movie posters, including movie poster prices, forums and communities, and anything else that could possibly be relevant. If you have a link that you think should be added here then pleaseEmail Me

Poster Price - Essential reading for any movie poster collector. Has a comprehensive archive of movie poster prices for sales and auctions going back 10 years and more! If you're wondering about the value of any poster, this is the place to look!

Movie Poster Forum - The best place on the internet to talk about anything related to movie posters. The perfect place to ask any questions that you might have about movie poster collecting.

Movie Poster Authentication - An excellent website that specialises in identifying fake movie posters for specific films. It's constantly being updated with many more films to come. This site will potentially save you a lot of money!

Movie Collector's World - The no.1 publication for movie poster collectors. Monthly newsletter with a broad range of classifieds, and information on upcoming sales and auctions. Described as the " of the movie poster hobby" by, so no more info needed really!

Movie Posters at i Collect Movie - Movie Poster Collector's Portal. Free collection software, movie poster price guide, movie poster forums, movie posters articles, movie poster image galleries, and much more.

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