European Movie Posters

To list every type of European movie poster in existence would be quite a feat, so I didn't bother. Instead I've listed those which you are most likely to find while browsing any shop or auction site. These range from the very popular UK Quad to the some might say acquired taste of Polish artwork. Again if there is anything missing or incorrect then please email me.

UK Posters

Note: The UK has used some similar sizes to the US (One-sheet, 3-sheet and more). See US Posters for more information on these.

Quad 40"x30" printed on paper stock in a landscape format. Most popular UK format. Artwork takes many forms, sometimes a cropped version of the US One-sheet, sometimes the same as the US half-sheet, or an image unique to the Quad itself. Like the US One-sheet it was issued folded until the 1980s when they started to be distributed rolled.

A ClockWork Orange - UK Quad

Front of House - 8"x10" printed on card stock. Like the US mini lobby card sets. So called because they were displayed at the front of cinemas.

GoldFinger - UK Quad

French Posters

French One-sheet 23"x32" - printed on paper stock. Like most US One-sheets was issued folded until recently when they were supplied rolled.

Petite (approx. 15"x22") - printed on paper stock. Varying sizes.

Grande 47"x63" - printed on paper stock. Despite large format usually issued as one sheet.

Lolita - French Grande For a Few Dollars More - French One Sheet
47"x63" 23"x32"

Italian Posters

Foglio 28"x39" printed on paper stock, issued folded. Similiar to US-One sheet format.

2 Foglio (approx. 39"x55") printed on paper stock, issued folded.

4 Foglio (55"x78") - printed on paper stock, issued folded. Normally issued in 2 sections.

2001: A Space Odyssey - Italian 2 Fogli Once Upon a Time in the West - Italian 2 Fogli
39"x55" 39"x55"

Locandia (13"x28") - printed on paper stock.

Photobusta (19"x27") printed on paper stock. The Italian equivalent of lobby cards. Usually come in sets of 8 or 12, but sometimes more.

German posters

A1 (23"x33") printed on paper stock. Most common format in both East and West Germany. East German artwork tends to be in a similar vein to Czech or Polish artwork, so can be highly collectible. Usually issued folded.

Apocalypse Now - German A1 Rare Bob Peak art Dances with Wolves - German A1
23"x33" 23"x33"

A2 (16"x23") printed on paper stock. More common in East Germany.

A0 (33"x 46") printed on paper stock. Quite rare for East and West. Usually issued folded.

Chinatown - German A1

Polish posters

A1 (23"x33") printed on paper stock. Like the German A1 size, popular size for pre-1980 movies. Like Czech posters, often features very imaginative artwork.

26"x39" printed on paper stock. Main format from 1980s onwards. Although many new posters are now the standard one-sheet size (27"x40")

Blow Up - Polish A1 Alien - Polish 26x39
23"x33" 26"x39"

Czech posters

23"x33" printed on paper stock. Similar to the German A1 size. Like Polish posters, often features very imaginative artwork.

11"x16" printed on paper stock.

Duel - Czech 23x33 Terminator - Czech 23x33
23"x33" 26"x39"

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